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David Kuhnsí romantic and revolutionary poetry, creative writer, and non-fiction writing blog. Includes a discussion of conTEXTing and IMprov poetry and sonnet samples.

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My interests range from blogging, youth sports, Seattle/Eastside travel and the arts, to writing innovative and romantic poetry, short stories and other fiction and non-fiction. The links below include some of my own websites, as well as other sites (Social Media and others) Iím interested in or a part of:


My personal and family history website includes information about my German and Norwegian genealogy, coaching youth sports, sports writing, and more.


All the information you want about David Kuhns as a business professional (resume, work samples, video links, workshop examples, acting clips), can be found here.


Social Media meets localization! Think a business Facebook or LinkedIn, plus CraigsList, and you have Biznik.com, a local social media site. I teach white paper workshops.


My DGKuhns YouTube.com site has a collection of my writing, comedy, and acting, as well as travel and family history. CyranoWriter site has whitepaper workshop, poetry and romantic writing training videos.


My CyranoWriter.com site includes:

 David Kuhns Marketing samples

 Curriculum Development / Training

 Technical Writing (case studies, white papers, grants, user guides)

Contact David Kuhns at:

Phone: 206-605-2022

E-mail: dgkuhns_writer@msn.com

Manual Typewriter: David Kuhns, aka CyranoWriter, is an experienced writer, editor, curriculum developer, trainer and poet. Kuhns has so much writing experience that he actually used an old manual typewriter during his European travel back in the day! This page outlines his social media, video, family history and blog links.