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David Kuhns / CyranoWriter - Marketing and Communications

Product launches, international promotions, web content and SEO, white papers, case studies, MarCom strategies: Iíve developed and implemented dozens of marketing, communications, public relations and advertising programs for large enterprises and small businesses. Here are a few:

Conceived and implemented a Local Search and Web Optimization promotion with several Biznik small businesses

Conceived, created, delivered and assessed MarCom collateral, PR and advertising for dozens of AT&T promotions

Conceptualized, interviewed SMEs, and wrote Dexterra white papers and case studies on field mobility issues and trends

Wrote, edited and produced marketing brochures and technical user guides for several new Intel hardware products

Developed and delivered a solution-selling MarCom and training campaign for Microsoft Partners for Office 2007 launch

Web Content and Local Search Optimization

Marketing and Technical Content for Intel

Dexterra Mobility White Papers and Case Studies

AT&T Product Launch / Promotion Collateral

Microsoft MarCom Strategy for Office 2007

Marketing Collateral and Writing Samples

David Kuhns, CyranoWriter: If information is the new currency, Wordsmiths are the goldsmiths of the Information Age!Kuhns developed and implemented a local search optimization promotion for small businesses at Biznik.comAT&T National Product Launch and promotions marketing collateral written and published by David Kuhns, Seattle writerIntel technical writing, white papers, case studies and marketing collateral written and published by David Kuhns, Seattle writerKuhns wrote white papers and case studies on field service mobility for Dexterra

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