David Kuhns: Seattle writer, editor, storyteller, curriculum developer, poet

Writers and Storytellers: The new goldsmiths of the Information Age!

David Kuhns / CyranoWriter - Seattle Writer, Storyteller
David Kuhns: Writer, Editor, Trainer

Based out of Seattle, I started writing, editing and training professionally in the late 1970s. I’m experienced in new training and information technology, coupled with an “old school understanding” of the best practices in marketing, communications and curriculum development/training.

MarCom and Training Materials

· Technical white papers and case studies

· Marketing and communications collateral

· Web content, blogs, and social media

· Instructor-led and web-based training in sales, technical support, marketing or leadership

 — If it can be written, I probably have!

Too often, companies separate their marketing, communications and training departments. The one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. I specialize in analyzing your communications, marketing and training plans, strategizing and coordinating them, then doing the tactical nuts and bolts it takes to deliver, communicate and understand a unified message. Sales, marketing, technical support and leadership are all on the same page!

“If information is the new currency, then writers and storytellers are the goldsmiths of the Information Age!”

David Kuhns: Writer, Editor and Curriculum Developer

David Kuhns, CyranoWriter: If information is the new currency, Wordsmiths are the goldsmiths of the Information Age!Dave Kuhns: Writer, Editor, Curriculum Developer, Storyteller, Poet and Trainer in Seattle and Kirkland, WA

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