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Local Search Optimization brings customers to Local Businesses!

A local business owner says: "I have a new website! I have to get it up in the Google search engine rankings!" I ask: “Why?”

· If you're a plumber in Peoria, can you unplug a toilet over the Internet in Chicago?

· If you're a chiropractor in Kirkland, can you crack a spine in Canton?

· If you sublease apartments in Seattle, can you sublet a flat in Savannah?

You get my point -- LOCAL businesses need LOCAL SEARCH Optimization and Advertising! Surprisingly, most SEO companies don't do this -- and it's so easy to do!

What is it? Simply, it’s putting your local site — your local business — on one (or all) of the main local search engines. The three big local search sites are Yahoo!Local, Live Search, and Google Maps. People who go to these sites generally type in a specific city and request: “Milwaukee Frozen Custard stand”, for example, or “Dallas BBQ Ribs” (because folks there don’t want to travel to Austin to eat dinner!)

So, if you’re a local business, you could have the greatest Google ranking around, but if you’re not on local search — nobody is going to walk through your door!

You can promote yourself by adding your business on local search engines yourself. It’s really simple — but, it does take time! And there is a learning curve. So, if you’re a Dentist in Denver, you should ask yourself: “Do I want to spend two to four hours of my time that I charge $200 or more an hour for, just to do this?”

The answer should be: NO! Find someone who can do it quickly, cheaply. Focus on what you do best — and let a Local Search Optimization expert take care of it for you!

In fact, I have a promotion on Biznik at
http://biznik.com/forums/promotions--special-offers/topics/local-search-optimization-and-advertising-discount-for-biznik -- it offers you a discount on getting your local business on the local radar for less than $100!

And if you're a local business owner (dentist, pizza joint, car repair, graphic artist, doctor, bathroom remodeler, etc), isn't that what you want? If you run a local business you need to be found LOCALLY.

· Fact: An increasing number of Internet searches are local (up to 40%, compared to 10% a year ago!) After all, you can't unplug a toilet through the Internet!  Businesses need to be seen more LOCALLY.

· I offer 2 tiers of service:

1) I list your business on Local Search engines, and apply "Local Search Mojo" to get you seen LOCALLY, by customers who can and will walk through your front door.
2) If you HAVE a website, I check it out and offer you suggestions and code to help increase your LOCAL exposure!

Two Local Search Advertising Case studies:

An Everett Editor and a Bay Area Strength Trainer didn't even show up on local searches. In other words, THEIR BUSINESS DIDN'T EXIST! Less than 12 hours after I applied my Local Search Mojo to their businesses:

·  the editor was #1 in local searches for her area, and #3 in Seattle-area searches!

· The Trainer? #1 in San Francisco area searches!

Local Search Optimization is quick, easy, and affordable!

Contact me for further details at dgkuhns_writer@msn.com
David Kuhns, LOCAL search engine optimization and advertising

David Kuhns, Writer / Curriculum Developer / Local Search Optimization Consultant