On-line (web-based) and

Instructor-led training

If Information is the new currency,

then Writers and Storytellers are the new goldsmiths!

We are a storytelling society. Written or verbal, it's how people pass along information. For two decades I've helped companies, small businesses, and individuals write and tell their stories better!

Let me tell your story! Whether it's writing:

 On-line or instructor-led training: Using examples and stories to tell, show, then let adult learners "do," either in person or virtually in a web-based environment


 Web copy: Writing web content that highlights case studies, white papers, and best practice stories to show how products, processes and people create solutions


 Marketing collateral: Solving customer issues and concerns by putting the customer in the story


 Communications: Telling stories in every step of the communication process -- including emails, press releases, face-to-face meetings, or large gatherings


... storytelling in either written or verbal form is core to our ability to understand each other. A good story helps the reader or listener relate and helps them take action!

I make that happen!

"Just the other day

Kuhns' training experience includes writing on-line (web-based) and instructor-led training, as well as acting as an instructor and facilitator.

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Technical Writing

(White papers, case studies)

David Kuhns writes white papers, case studies, user guides and other technical writing.

Marketing Collateral

National product promotions, marketing, communications, public relations and advertising materials, and web content are just a few types of marketing collateral written by David Kuhns